Come Away With Me                                                               the ongoing story of the life of Ross Harvey

Since my youth I have been involved in and very passionate about fitness, racquet sports and golf.  At the age of 13 I took up racquetball and golf. I put a lot of time, energy and love into these areas and rapidly became quite good at both, becoming the top junior racquetball player in eastern North America and a low handicap golfer.

I continued to play and hone my skills in both, ultimately winning the world racquetball championships and becoming a scratch handicap golfer.  Between 1985 and 1989 I studied veterinary medicine at the University of Guelph.  In that time I took up squash seriously.  Upon my return to Montreal in 1989, rather than getting into veterinary medicine, I began a career as a golf professional and squash and racquetball professional.  On the golf side I worked at some of the top clubs in the Montreal area including Elm Ridge, Pinegrove and Hillsdale. On the racquet sport side I worked at Nautilus Plus Cavendish and Cote de Liesse, Sporting Club du Sanctuaire, Club 230 Dorval,  Club West Island and Mirabel Racquet Club.

In recent years (with God's assistance) I have developed some very large projects aimed at growing the sports I love across the world. You can find information on these here:

In addition to overseeing the development of NuVo and G3 Golf, I am also involved with developing the other areas of G3, my global website, of which NDG Project is a local initiative aimed at changing a community in the interest of changing the world.


G3 Faith Based Peer Mentoring.  

This is something which is available to everyone, everywhere, through ZOOM, Facebook Messenger Video Chat and Google Video Chat.  A great vehicle to get yourself feeling better irrespective of the cause (depression, anxiety, other forms of mental illness, addiction...).  I am developing a network of capable, caring peer mentors all across the world to help and to listen.   Please see more at G3 Peer Mentoring

Cost is free always and forever.  Please contact me at

A brief word

During the 2014 Australian Open, Carlos Rodriguez (Li Na's coach) was asked what his goals were for his player.  His answer was that he wanted to make her a better person, not just a better tennis player.  That is my goal for everyone I work with. I want to help you to reach your true potential through working with me.

Wise Words from Dr. Wayne Dyer

Please watch this video.  Every person is God - actually, is Jesus Christ - the son/daughter of God the Father.

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I look forward to speaking with you and to hopefully finding a way we can work together towards making you better...


Leading a health, fitness and LifeStyle revolution

One world.  One handicap.  All golfers.

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