Come Away With Me
the ongoing story of the life of Ross Harvey
How one man followed his heart and through the Grace of God is leading mankind back to heaven on earth.

a film inspired and directed by God and Kaspar Derderian!
background music The Nu Dream by Peter Kelly and Francine Jarry

'Yes, I am fulfilling my destiny, leading mankind to Eden (Heaven on earth).'

'a natural to star in his own movie.'  Larry Anstett, KW Record, 1985.
Sleep still fails me...lying in bed yet another revelation or piece to the plan.  The Angelic music of Norah Jones' 'Come Away With Me' is the entire essence of this.  It is the Story of Ross Harvey...leading a group of the most powerful people in the present...demonstrating without a shadow of a doubt that this could not be fictitious...and then through a collective SO POWERFUL IT MUST BE TRUE...rounding up all of mankind who elects to join...and taking them to higher moral and ethical ground...a united global action campaign!              
Come Away With Me                 28/12/2003.  4:25 AM.
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The movie is now in its initial stages of development, with a desired completion date being July 1, 2025.  Attached are several documents to give you some idea of the production:
CAWMScenes.pdf CAWMScenes.pdf
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I Will Be Great.pdf I Will Be Great.pdf
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G3 Plan.pdf G3 Plan.pdf
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HM Letter.pdf HM Letter.pdf
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We want you involved!
We are looking for your help.  If you have any great stories which involve Ross in any way, if you have input regarding any component of the production  or if you would like to be involved in any way, please send us an email.  Also, please pass this on to all your friends in the hopes that we may cast as wide a net as possible.  Thank you!



Me in my room in NDG, Montreal.  Pan around the room to show the images, zoom to me on my swivel chair with a scrapbook.  Zoom.  Thank you.  Opening the scrapbook.  Give every person a good idea of me, the good and the bad, and how my life has led to Dec. 2003.

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The Nu Dream .mp3