Come Away With Me                                                              
                      the ongoing story of the life of Ross Harvey

Hello Wilder!

How can I explain why I am giving the most precious things in my life to someone I have hardly known for two weeks and am placing my complete trust in you, save for my complete faith and knowledge of God.

When two sensitive hearts collide, something happens which belies analysis. If no one else in the world can understand how and why, perhaps it is better left unsaid, because any discussion or debate which ensues may never be won. Ignorance never wins an argument.

We were meant to have a beer last week at Buster’s but unfortunately I was in a creative frenzy on Friday, and following four long hours of focus, I lay on my bed to pray/meditate, and slept from 4:15-6:30pm! I will make it up to you!

There is so much to say and so precious little time to say it. I am entrusting everything which is sacred in my life to you and ask that in the upcoming days you take the necessary steps to honour my memory in the way it is meant to be.

As soon as you hear the news of my fate, please contact the following people: 

  • My best friend and brudda, Dave Scotland at 514.776.7868
  • My Mum and Dad at 514.482.3659
  • My sister Jo-Anne at 514.697.4001
  • My great friend Jill at 514.485.8228
  • My cousin Glen at 514.220.1159

I want to be displayed in the front of Trinity Church, unadulterated. No makeup. Nothing touched from the time you get to me. I want to be wearing the things which I have gone through the last three months of my life wearing, my Notre Dame sweater, black ripped sweatpants and my oily Adidas hat with the brim turned backwards. I want my computer to be plugged in, rested in my hands with the screen facing me, all screens minimized to show Norah Jones’ and the songs from the ‘Feels Like home’ playlist playing in continuous loop.

I would like the same man of God who gave the sermon at my great uncle Doug’s service in 1989 to honour me. I would like him to make it very short and then to ask anyone in the crowd if they would like to tell a story about me in their own words. I would like him to take as much time as it takes.

I would like to then have my body transferred into the care of my great friends Dave Stotland and Henry Dubiel and I want them to do whatever is necessary to bring my body back to ashes in the ancient wisdom and way of the people who

preceded time, my native American brothers, led by ‘Bin’ hogan, Andrew patton, Peter Lafleur and my newest and greatest friend, a Vietnam vet with a story like Ira Hayes who can’t ‘erase’ the horrors of his three years at war when he was just turned eighteen, looking to grow and soar like the eagle he is, but thrown into hellfire because of the US government’s lies and greed. I would like my body to be burned as would and natives’, at the base of the most sacramental site on Peter Lafleur’s golf course, Millie’s tree. I would then like the ashes to be scattered over the mighty St. Lawrence River.

And with that, my soul will rest. You can find any information you don’t have by asking my cousin Buster or my best buddies, Stots or Jill. Please do not burden my parents or sister if at all possible. As I have said, consistently of late, this day is not one of sadness, but great joy - for it is salvation! For anyone who wants to honour my uncle’s memory in me, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night there will be special evenings of celebration of life at Ernie butler’s Comedy Nest in the Pepsi Forum. There is no admission charge and all drinks are on the house. You can also drop by Buster’s at anytime. I promise that for the first time in the history of the bar, Glen will be there from open to close, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please do go see him. Not for me, for my uncle Doug.

And with that said, my heart soars, I am now free as the eagle and can sleep in Heavenly peace. Thank you for listening to your heart, Wilder. It is what led you to me and me to you. Everything happens for a reason, but you know that. Very soon all of humanity will know the same as we march in unison towards peace on earth and goodwill toward men. In honour of the greatest prophet in history, John Lennon. Imagine that!

Life is funny! I love life!